Georgia awaits the European Commission’s recommendation on granting it EU membership
candidate status. We, the undersigned Georgian NGOs, share a common mission: to safeguard
and advocate for the interests of Georgian citizens and to promote and instill European democratic
values in Georgia.
We all share the unwavering choice and the paramount interest of an overwhelming majority of
citizens: for Georgia to join the European Union—a place where each citizen can live a dignified
life in a peaceful, prosperous, free, and just country.
For these reasons, we have been persistently urging the government to initiate the process of
application for Georgia’s EU mebership. Ever since the possibility of EU member candidacy opened
up for Georgia, we have dedicated our efforts to urge the Georgian government to meet the 12
recommendations aimed at improving the lives of Georgia’s citizens. We fully acknowledge the
current challenges associated with implementing these recommendations. However, imprtantly,
against all odds, the European choice remains a steadfast national aspiration, serving as a unifying
force within our broad and proactive civil solidarity.
Our pursuit continues to be a better democracy in Georgia, one that matches the aspirations and
demands of Georgian citizens, a democracy built on values and principles that currently unite the
27 EU member states. In March 2023, we successfully rallied Georgian society against the looming
threat of the “Russian law,” which could have distanced Georgia from the EU. Through our
collective efforts, we managed to overturn this law, showcasing the unwavering commitment of
the Georgian people to secure their clear choice of a European future for their country.
As Georgian non-governmental organizations, we firmly believe that obtaining candidate EU
member state status is not only a significant step towards realizing the European aspirations of
Georgians but also a vital means of diminishing Russia’s influence in Georgia—more EU presence
translates to less Russian influence in Georgia.
For all the reasons outlined above, we appeal to our steadfast European friends and allies of
Georgia, specifically addressing the European Commission. Despite the ongoing challenges that
Georgia must address, as you deliver your fair assessment of progress on the 12 priorities, we
strongly urge you to recommend to the European Council that they grant Georgia the status of a
candidate EU member country in December 2023